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Warren Ness

About Warren Ness

Warren was born in the Bronx N.Y. in the late 1970's. He discovered an appreciation for art at an early age and began developing his style without formal education. A family trip to the Bronx Zoo was his first exposure to faux environments and carved concrete, and eventually led to his interest in carving.

Experimenting with various 2D art mediums throughout the years, the intrigue of creating something beautiful and natural from concrete captured Warren's attention for most of his life. Scientific by nature, the challenge of using the physical properties of concrete to shape rock to look realistic has created an obsession, with the result of amazed clients across the United States.

Warren has had the privilege of working on some of most prestigious properties throughout the United States recreating mother nature.

With years of trial and error exploring different techniques and processes in search of perfecting the art of hyper-realistic rock carving, he has streamlined the method into teachable form. An attention to detail and an eye for composition makes his work realistic and naturally flowing.

Warren currently resides in Spokane, Washington