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Rachel Bruce

Rachel Bruce is an expert in multilayer stencils for dyeing concrete. A graphic design veteran of 15 years, she expanded her horizons into decorative concrete in 2008. Her company, FLOORmap Stencil Designs, both designs and applies complex stencils for placing graphic art in the surface of concrete. The company also offers training in her technique. She has attracted a wide variety of corporate, commercial and institutional clients, including the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium, Marvel Comics, and AAFES.

Jeff Kudrick

Jeff Kudrick, product manager for J&M Lifestyles LLC, is an industry leader, well-known for his award-winning, creative work fabricating kitchen and bath fixtures, fireplace surrounds, molded furniture, architectural details, columns and water features. His artistic work also includes sculpture in wood, clay, stone, freehand carving of concrete rocks, Faux Bois, glass fabrication and etching, slumping, and coatings. With over 20 years of varied experience in the building industry, his artistic skills are coupled with business and mechanical savvy. He has trained internationally on the use of GFRC in manufacturing applications and he has built machinery for a variety of production methods. Jeff’s work experience ranges from large-scale union concrete construction to high-end, custom work. His experience includes: TIG, MIG, and sheet-metal welding; blacksmithing and foundry work with metals that include steel, bronze, copper, and stainless steel; as well as mold-building in industrial applications for wax, metal casting, concrete casting, fiberglass manufacturing and plastics. His background also encompasses industrial controls, PLCs, motion controls, sensors and automation.

Troy Lemon

Troy Lemon has been working in the concrete industry his entire adult life. As owner of Cornerstone Decorative Concrete since 1991, Troy has transformed the former flatwork company into a nationally recognized decorative concrete contracting outfit. Troy has taught numerous courses and workshops both in the United States and internationally.

Rick Lobdell

Rick Lobdell was first introduced to decorative concrete in 2003 when he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Within three years he took over Concrete Mystique Engraving, and began turning his new trade into an art form, which he is now known for worldwide. His work has been published in magazines and television segments, and he participated in the 2011 Artistry in Concrete exhibit at World of Concrete. In the last 4 years, Rick has also won 14 Decorative Concrete Council Awards. Rick graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts in painting.

Cindee Lundin

Cindee Lundin has been a leading decorative artist for the past 21 years. She has been commissioned across the nation for her work as a concrete artist and decorative finisher and a sought after instructor for many aspects of decorative concrete to industry professionals.   Lundin works out of her studio in Tucson, Arizona.  Cindee worked as a lead trainer for manufacturing companies the past 7 years. She has been involved as an artisan for World of Concrete in Las Vegas and as an instructor for the Annual Concrete Decor Show.  Along with studio work and commissioned work, Lundin works as a marketing consultant, trainer, and distributor for EZ Chem, Inc. in Atlanta Georgia.

Warren Ness

Warren was born in the Bronx N.Y. in the late 1970's. He discovered an appreciation for art at an early age and began developing his style without formal education. A family trip to the Bronx Zoo was his first exposure to faux environments and carved concrete, and eventually led to his interest in carving.

Experimenting with various 2D art mediums throughout the years, the intrigue of creating something beautiful and natural from concrete captured Warren's attention for most of his life. Scientific by nature, the challenge of using the physical properties of concrete to shape rock to look realistic has created an obsession, with the result of amazed clients across the United States.

Warren has had the privilege of working on some of most prestigious properties throughout the United States recreating mother nature.

With years of trial and error exploring different techniques and processes in search of perfecting the art of hyper-realistic rock carving, he has streamlined the method into teachable form. An attention to detail and an eye for composition makes his work realistic and naturally flowing.

Warren currently resides in Spokane, Washington