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Jeff Kudrick

About Jeff Kudrick

Jeff Kudrick, product manager for J&M Lifestyles LLC, is an industry leader, well-known for his award-winning, creative work fabricating kitchen and bath fixtures, fireplace surrounds, molded furniture, architectural details, columns and water features. His artistic work also includes sculpture in wood, clay, stone, freehand carving of concrete rocks, Faux Bois, glass fabrication and etching, slumping, and coatings. With over 20 years of varied experience in the building industry, his artistic skills are coupled with business and mechanical savvy. He has trained internationally on the use of GFRC in manufacturing applications and he has built machinery for a variety of production methods. Jeff’s work experience ranges from large-scale union concrete construction to high-end, custom work. His experience includes: TIG, MIG, and sheet-metal welding; blacksmithing and foundry work with metals that include steel, bronze, copper, and stainless steel; as well as mold-building in industrial applications for wax, metal casting, concrete casting, fiberglass manufacturing and plastics. His background also encompasses industrial controls, PLCs, motion controls, sensors and automation.