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Fort Worth, Texas

April 26 - 28, 2017

4825 Packard Court, Suite H
Fort Worth, TX 76119


Cement Colors Road Show Agenda April 26, 27 and 28


Wednesday April 26

8:00am-8:30am - Coffee, Introduction of Schedule 

8:30am-Noon - Jason Ryan CTS Cement Polishable Overlay Considering the popularity of polished concrete and overlays in general, putting the two together is sure to spawn a popular new decorative system. LEARN the required surface preparation, priming, mixing, placement, curing and polishing techniques necessary to install a project successfully. Jason brings with him years of field experience installing Rapids Set TRU, TRU Gray and TRU PC all of which will be showcased during this training. DEMO HIGHLIGHT (Venture Equipment will showcase their self leveler pumping equipment as part of the demo)


2pm-3pm Chris Sullivan VP ChemSystems Inc - Current Trends in Decorative Concrete - Sometime in the last decade, decorative concrete stopped being a niche product, and became recognized as a mainstream hardscapes / flooring option. While those in the industry are biased, and would say it occurred far earlier, the truth is that sometime in the last 10 years architects, home owners, and building managers acknowledged decorative concrete as equal to conventional flooring and hardscapes such as wood, tile, vinyl, pavers, and plain concrete. Sullivan will highlight the current trends in the Decorative Concrete Industry in this up close and personal seminar. This is an updated version of the presentation he has given at World of Concrete and the Concrete Décor Show over the last few years.


3pm-4pm Brian Farnsworth GM - Cement Colors Crack Repair Demo. 

Brian Farnsworth will showcase three common techniques used in the cementitious overlay industry to repair cracks in concrete substrates. Utilizing Adhesive Technology crack repair systems in combination with ChemSystems repair mortars you will learn valuable techniques to utilize in your every day business. 


Thursday April 27th

8am-9am - Coffee, Introduction of Schedule 

9am - 1pm - McKinnon Materials -   As Epoxy Coating Specialists, McKinnon Materials has over 40 years of experience formulating and providing industry-leading flooring and decking materials suitable for both commercial and residential applications. McKinnon and their Team of trainers will demo Metallic Epoxies as well as broadcast flake systems traditionally used in garages or industrial warehouses.

1pm - 2pm Lunch 

2pm - 330 pm Brian Farnsworth GM Cement Colors - Choosing the Correct Sealer for your Decorative Project Decorative concrete sealers continue to be a mystery to many decorative concrete installers. During this demo Brian Farnsworth will explore the various sealers available in the decorative concrete market and address the following: Choosing a sealer for your system, application techniques, maintenance. 

330pm - 430pm Brian Farnsworth GM Cement Colors - Demo Vertical Stamping and Carving - Get a taste of this growing market with a brief demo showing basic techniques used in the hand carved rock industry. Demo to include proper preparation, application, carving/texturing techniques as well as coloration. Vertical Carving has become popular as features in and around pool decks in Texas don't miss this opportunity to grow your knowledge in the decorative concrete industry. 


Friday April 28  

8am-830am Meet and greet (Coffee and Doughnuts provided) 

830am-9am Decorative Stencils – Logos, branding and advertising on floors is a hot trend in the decorative concrete industry today.  Using specialized stencils to achieve these unique design elements is a great way to increase revenue and expand your business.  Acclaimed artist and fabricator of stencils for concrete, Rachel Knigge unveils the best tips and techniques for adding profitable, high end results with easy-to-apply-stencils on your next concrete polishing, overlay or epoxy project.

9am -Noon - Part 1 Split Canvas Stencil Design.  Rachel will be creating a split canvas design showcasing three different decorative concrete techniques (Polishable Overlay, Smooth Trowel Cementitious Topping, High Build Coating Systems / Epoxy)

Noon - 1 Lunch provided

1pm - 5pm  Part 2 Split Canvas Stencil Design and Questions and Answers.